Police Say It’s A “Miracle” Two Kids Escaped Dreamworld Accident Unharmed

Update: an earlier version of this story reported that the two children involved in the accident were young girls aged 10 and 12, as reported by Queensland Police. They announced this had been reported incorrectly, and have since revised. The below information is correct.

Queensland Police have said it’s a “miracle” the two children involved in the horrific accident at Dreamworld theme park in the Gold Coast yesterday managed to escape unharmed.

They confirmed that two kids, a 10-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl, were on the Thunder River Rapids ride yesterday when their raft flipped, killing four adults on board.

Addressing media this morning, police said that it was “almost a miracle that they escaped unharmed”, and that they are being provided with extensive support for the traumatic incident.

Three of the four victims killed in the accident have been identified as brother and sister Kate Goodchild, 32, and Luke Dorsett, 35, and Mr Dorsett’s partner Roozi Araghi. The young girl on board is believed to be Ms Goodchild’s daughter.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, where Mr Roozi worked, released a statement earlier today saying it was “devastated” by his death, and described him as someone who brought “a lot of joy and fun to the workplace.”

“The ABS is devastated by the tragic loss of Roozi Araghi, one of our dedicated, professional and hardworking team members, who was very popular and well-regarded. His loss is deeply felt, and our thoughts and wishes are with his family and friends.”

New Zealand media has named a fourth victim, but Queensland Police said that “some reporting on names and locations of victims has been inaccurate”, and said they would not release the names until all next-of-kin have been told.

Police investigators are examining CCTV footage of the accident, while Dreamworld remains closed indefinitely.

Photo: 9News.