Chunky Pendant Necklaces Are Back, So Here’s 8 Pieces To Help Live Out Yr Phoebe Buffay Dreams

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If you’ve spent more than five seconds on TikTok this summer, you’ll know I’m not spouting absolute shit when I say those chunky pendant necklaces are fkn back, baby!

What was once a staple piece of ’90s fashion (á la Phoebe Buffay), is now on rotation again — and in full swing — thanks to the likes of fashion influencers Sophia Begg, Jacquie Alexander and Matilda Djerf rocking them in every other outfit post and OOTD video as of late.

The styling formula seems to be simple. You can pair these statement pieces with a v-neck or scooped top/singlet giving the necklace ample opportunity to become the focal point of your neckline. Otherwise, tops that offer full coverage and a simple design also make for good statement necklace foundations.

For the sake of anyone who isn’t wasting 15 hours a day in the depths of a silly app (read: my lifeline) and needs some visual inspo, I’ve included a video for y’all below.


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If this entire conversation has you staring at your chest RN wishing you had a big sparkly heart to rotate with your Y2K-inspired layered necklaces and pearls, the following 8 pendants are the perfect way to kickstart this revival.

The best pendant necklaces available in Australia

The Rachael — Red Agate Stone And Leather Necklace


The Rachael — Red Agate Stone And Leather Necklace, $110

From the gorgeous olive-coloured leather cord to the timeless red stone, this Bonito Jewelry necklace is a good entry point if you’re trying to enter the chunky necklace space without coming on too strong, too early. It’s also quite neutral, so it will SLAY with a multitude of colours and outfit pairings.

The Gisele — Mother Of Pearls And Leather Necklace, $85

If you want a similar look, but with more of a lighter, beachy vibe, this alternate colourway is your best bet.

The Carrie — Red Heart Lampwork And Leather Necklace, $95

Alright, we’re steering into Mary-Kate and Ashley territory now with this gorgeous Bonito Jewelry glass heart pendant. Available in different coloured leather rope and an adjustable cord that allows you to wear the necklace as a choker, mid-length or longer, are you thinking what I’m thinking, B1? Yes, it’s a fkn fabulous V-Day gift, B2.

The Cher Green Star Necklace — Lampwork And Leather, $85

This amazing glasswork deserves some recognition! I mean, look at those intricate details and shaping? If you’re looking for a unique style of pendant necklace, this one by Bonito Jewelry is by far our top pick. Not only does it also come with different coloured leather cording, but you can also choose to have your star pendant on a chain. Game-changer.

Red Large Puffy Love Heart Pendant Necklace


Red Large Puffy Love Heart Necklace, $17.99

If you’re not sure whether you want to commit to the bit and need a cheaper alternative to trial run the whole pendant necklace trend, this bad boy from Lovisa should well and truly be at the top of your radar — especially given it’s chic and still very cute for $17.99.

Cord Pendant Necklace

Cord Pendant Necklace, $19.99

Another more affordable, but still gorgeous alternative is this silver flower necklace from Cotton On that offers a similar “goes with everything” vibe to some of our earlier suggestions. Just beware not to wear it in the shower or swimming because the silver-plated charm is likely to tarnish.

Oversized Puffed Heart Ball Chain Choker


Oversized Puffed Heart Ball Chain Choker, $86.23

Okay PUUUURRR, I am obsessed with this pendant piece from Etsy. Not only have I already envisioned it with dozens of my outfits — both casual and dressy — but I think that (correct me if I’m way off) it offers a really good grungy twist on this whole pendant necklace trend thanks to the super chunky, beaded chain.

Hematite Heart Pendant Necklace

Hematite Heart Pendant, $18.10

Finally, this iridescent heart-shaped number offers an adjustable cord and a slightly smaller pendant for everyday wear. Thank us later.