87 Outfit Ideas For Olivia Rodrigo’s Australian GUTS Tour, If You Were Lucky Enough To Score Tickets

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Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS tour is officially coming to Australian shores, and if you were lucky enough to get tickets to one of her Sydney or Melbourne shows, you’re probably already planning your outfit. Thanks to TikTok, what people wear to gigs these days is almost as hyped as the concert itself. Just look at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour from earlier this year.

Given we were all glued to our phones for the United States, Canada, and Europe legs of Olivia’s GUTS tour, we know that her concerts are usually a sea of butterflies, purple outfits, plaid mini skirts, fishnet stockings, scrunch socks, chunky jewellery, punk platform boots, mary janes, sequins and glitter galore. So finding an on-theme ‘fit should be pretty easy, right?!

But in case you’re struggling, or are looking to get a head start, we’ve gone and done the hard work for you by scouring the internet to find as many GUTS-themed outfits as possible. We’ve drawn inspiration from each of Olivia’s albums, music videos, Instagram posts, tour outfits and awards show performances — so there’s something in here for everyone looking to spill their guts.

87 Outfit Ideas For Olivia Rodrigo’s Australian GUTS Tour

Bad Idea Right? inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Seeing your ex might be a bad idea, but wearing this cute as fuck outfit to Olivia Rodrigo’s Australian GUTS tour is a damn good idea. All you’ll need is a baby blue fuzzy sweater, a sequin mini skirt or shorts, a red bra, a white tank, a classic pair of Connie’s, a red heart necklace of some sort and, of course, a red lip.

Vampire inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Tour Outfits

Vampire is such an iconic hit that it equally deserves an iconic ‘fit. We’d recommend dressing to kill — think a slinky red slip and fishnet tights with glitter or diamonte embellishments, paired with Dr Marten boots or Mary Janes. Finish off the look with a pearl or leather choker and some bracelets, and viola!

Ballad of A Homeschooled Girl GUTS  Tour outfit

Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Tour Outfits

Ballad of A Homeschooled Girl screams graphic baby tees, pleated plaid skirts, loose neckties, fishnet stockings, knee-high socks, Converse sneakers and Dr Martens. Think Avril Lavigne meets Gossip Girl aka preppy with an edge.

Get Him Back! inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Tour Outfits

Olivia’s look from her Get Him Back music video is one of her more soft, yet edgy feminine looks. It’s a mix of a vintage white baby tee, a floral mini skirt with lace-up sides and her signature chunky, black platform boots.

Love Is Embarrassing inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Tour Outfits

Olivia’s Love Is Embarrassing tour ‘fit is definitely one of her most iconic — and one we expect to see a lot of when she hits Aussie shores. It’s a cute little sequin set (mini shorts and a bra) with some fishnet tights, chunky silver jewellery, and glitter eyeshadow. We’d add some cute fill socks, chunky boots, or Sambas and call it a fit.

Obsessed inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Tour Outfits

Tag yourself, we’re “Miss Thought She Was the One”. Olivia’s look for her Obsessed music video is one that Wednesday Addams would be proud of. She rocks a black tulle dress with a heart-pendant choker, red scrunch socks and chunky Mary Janes. We’d also round out the look with a deep red or burgundy lipstick. Oh, and don’t forget your custom white sash.

Teenage Dream inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Tour Outfits

Teenage Dream reeks of Y2K nostalgia — think jelly sandals, low-waisted mini skirts, sheer tights, tulle socks, butterfly motifs, glitter galore. If it were us, you know, if we managed to get tickets, we’d go as far as selecting pieces in Olivia’s signature purple to really round out the look.

Drivers Licence inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Tour Outfits

Olivia’s Drivers Licence era was her debut and the song that took the world by storm. It was all sweet innocence, double denim, jeans and a nice top, girlie dresses, crew socks, overalls and mini skirts. We also managed to find a similar top to this cut butterfly one she’s wearing in this pic.

Good 4 U inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Tour Outfits

When Good 4 U was released, Olivia had us all screaming it at the top of our lungs (and still does). Her cheer uniform is giving Bring It On meets Jennifer’s Body, and we’re here for it. We managed to track down a pretty similar uniform on Etsy, and some latex gloves on Amazon. Now, all you need to do is figure out if you wanna wear some chunky boots or a slick pair of dad sneakers like this Nike ones.

Deja Vu inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Tour Outfits

Baby, do you get Deja Vuuuuuuuuuu. We couldn’t quite find the long lime green tulle dress Olivia wears in the film clip, we did find some really cute options. Pair them with some frilly or lace socks and chunky school shoes and you’ve got yourself a concert outfit.

Traitor inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Tour Outfits

Ooft, this one might have been our favourite to source. Traitor is all floaty dresses, fur-collared coats and knee-high boots. Think Stevie Knicks or Daisy Jones.

SOUR inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Tour Outfits

Tell us why that the minute this album cover came out, we immediately wanted to recreate this look. All you need are some SOUR stickers, a plaid skirt, preferably in baby blue, a pink fluffy singlet, some chunky necklaces to layer and a whole bunch of rings. We also thought these pink spray-painted Docs would really seal the deal.

…aaaand that’s it, for now! I, for one, cannot wait to see everyone dressed like glittery pop-punk princesses at Olivia Rodrigo’s Australian GUTS Tour.

Olivia Rodrigo will be touring Australia and New Zealand in October 2024.

Image Credit: Olivia Rodrigo Instagram / Getty / @breemalia TikTok