Spoons. Love ’em. They come in all shapes and sizes for all kinds of gustatory and – dare I say – snortable applications. And it sure looks like you could cop a spoon of the latter kind for a hot sec on the Dick Smith online store.

When you decide to take a miniature spoon and use it as a pendant on a necklace, one can’t help but assume it’s designed to help you do a bump of coke or ket. Maybe that’s why Dick Smith has suddenly taken down two such necklaces form its online marketplace.

According to the broken English description on an archived version of one of the listings, the necklaces are ideal for raging parties, for some reason.

“These Flash House Crown Spoon Necklaces are a great accessory to have with you for all parties,” the description reads.

“Have it a cool charm [sic] that is more than just looks. Very handy to have at your next party, festival or bush doof.”

Dick Smith Has Taken Down These Sus-Looking Spoon Necklaces Which Claim To Induce A ‘K-Hole’

That’s right. Whoever’s behind this sus-looking necklace is specifically targeting the kind of person who’s in the market for their next killer bush doof accessory.

It gets better, too. In a screenshot of the slightly different Flash House Ladle Spoon Necklace provided to PEDESTRIAN.TV, the description appears to drop an actual K-bomb.

“With this large ladle spoon a ‘K’ hole is well on its way,” it reads.

Sign me TF up.

Dick Smith Has Taken Down These Sus-Looking Spoon Necklaces Which Claim To Induce A ‘K-Hole’

Now, don’t go thinking these necklaces were the decision of Mr Dick Smith himself. While a spokesperson wasn’t able to comment in time for publication, everything points to an innocent mistake.

These two necklaces were actually listed on the Dick Smith Marketplace, which is slightly different from the company’s usual products.

“Dick Smith provides a Marketplace that allows other retailers to list their items on the Dick Smith store and sell their items directly to you,” the site’s return policy reads.

That all came about after Kogan bought the Dick Smith online store back in 2016. For that reason, the spoons were also available on Kogan.com, although they too have since been pulled.

If you’re really keen on getting your hands on one of these handy little necklaces, there’s one remaining option.

The necklaces were originally listed on the Dick Smith and Kogan online stores by Aussie apparel retailer William Klein, which still has them listed on its own website.

Not only can you still cop the Crown Spoon Necklace and the ‘K’ hole-inducing Ladle Spoon Necklace, but they also list a Shovel Necklace and even a whole set of cutlery pendants which conveniently default to spoon. Do with that information what you will.

Interestingly, William Klein describes itself as a retailer “where the products are actually shipped from Australia and the Customer Service [sic] is in coherent English.” The same can’t be said about some of its product descriptions, apparently.

Anyway, enjoy the summer and stay safe, friends.

Image: Dick Smith