Paris Hilton’s Done A Collab W/ Boohoo & It’s Exactly How You’re Imagining It

Everything ’00s is cool again, including Paris Hilton. I mean, obviously. The woman epitomised 2006 trash-glam with her phenomenal wardrobe full of glomesh dresses and butt-crack jeans, and has somehow maintained her iconic status over 10 years later – probably because she’s continued to be true to her personal brand of “rich Barbie“.

That “rich Barbie” aesthetic is now making her even more bank – she’s just announced a collab with Boohoo, featuring 70 items co-designed by Paris herself.

Of course, everything is EXTREMELY Paris Hilton, like this “That’s Hot” swimsuit.

And this leopard print maxi.

Best news? Everything’s under $100.

The collection drops on on June 20th. That’s hot.