OTT Beauty Treatments To Get Next Time You’re In LA

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If you’re looking for a slightly insane, incredibly over-the-top beauty treatment, you’d best be starting in Los Angeles. It’s obvious why – the city is home to pretty much all the biggest celebrities, who are constantly on the hunt (at least, according to the tabloids) for the next big thing that’ll tighten, smooth, plump or polish their faces and bods. If the Fountain Of Youth was ever gonna get created/discovered, it’ll likely be in some LA lab, basically. 

There’s plenty of wild stuff happening in the beauty treatment world over in sunny La La Land, but we’ve rounded up some of the latest crazes – if you’ve got cash to throw around, throw some at one of these. Given how nuts they are, we’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Before you’ve even exited the airport, you can get into the LA spirit with airport-only wellness spa Be Relax. They offer everything from oxygen therapy to hot stone massages, and it’s all designed to freshen you up after a long-haul flight. We’re here for the Anti Jet Lag Facial though, coz no matter how much hydration mist you spritz on that Oz-US flight, you’re gonna be stepping off feeling less than 10/10. It helps improve skin tone, relieve neck tension and firm up your skin. Oh, and in true Hollywood style, you can get the add-on of eyelash extensions too, if you want.
Cost: POA


These have been around for a while, but really hit their peak right before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year. A whole gang of the VS Angels hit up Mimi Luzon, a famous Parisian facialist, for 24K gold facials. While Mimi makes her own products, the technology – which is meant to brighten and hydrate the skin – allegedly hails from Japan via company UMO. In LA, hit up Veronica Malibu Skin & Body Care Center.
Cost: $390

Get this. A rare, endangered apple from Switzerland was, according to celeb facialist Sonya Dakar‘s website, studied for it’s amazing self-regenerating properties. Apparently, it stayed fresh for months after being picked from the tree. The stem cells from these fancy apples were them extracted, and are injected into your skin during this facial experience. 
Cost: $589


If you’ve been neglecting your bod a bit, why not take it down to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and get it scrubbed with freakin’ diamond dust. That’s what’s on offer with this luxurious body rejuvenation, which uses damask rose absolute oil mixed with actual dust of actual diamonds to exfoliate. 
Cost: $556


LED light therapy is a huge thing in skincare right now – it’s designed to boost collagen production which leaves fine lines less obvious, and skin looking plump and super fresh. In Oz, it’s mainly limited to face LED therapy only. But in LA, at famed celeb facialist Joanna Vargas‘ salon, you can get the full body experience in a futuristic looking LED light bed. Called the Sleeping Beauty treatment, it also features microdermabrasion and oxygen serum for your face. 
Cost: $294


Kimmy K made this a thing when she Snapchatted her facialist, nicknamed ‘Nurse Jamie‘, prepping for her own experience. The technique uses glass cups with little balloons attached, that gently suck at the skin – like a more low key version of regular cupping. The action supposedly helps to drain lymph nodes and increase the supply of oxygen to the skin. Nurse Jamie (yep, she legit goes by that nickname) offers the treatment herself – so you can legit be Kim K for the day. Kinda.
Cost: $426


Speaking of ‘Nurse Jamie’, she also has another LA specialty – the oxygen bubble. Yes, it is a literal bubble. Yes, your whole body goes into it. The premise is this – the bubble is filled with 99.9% pure air. As in, almost completely pure oxygen. This is meant to enhance the efficacy of any treatments applied to your skin while you’re in there, plus revitalise your system to help it eliminate toxins and dead skin cells. This is one for the really cashed-up folks though – it’s only available for private parties and special events.
Cost: POA
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Image: Instagram / Mimi Luzon.