GIRD YOUR PORES: That Viral ‘Unicorn’ Beauty Serum Is Now Available In Oz

Beauty aficionados, cast your well-contoured minds back to November last year. Our (very weird) obsession with unicorn beauty things was at peak levels. Literally anything that had an element of holographic shimmer to it was slapped with the unicorn label and sent the entire internet into a tailspin pretty much on the daily, and right at the viral top was this magical Farsali serum, aptly titled ‘Unicorn Essence’.

No one had even heard of the brand Farsali, but the images flooding the net of the pink-purple, shimmery skin concotion were like beauty crack.

It also became a ~thing~ for beauty bloggers to drip it under their eyes? Why?

We all wanted to get our hands on one, but sadly they were overseas-only – until now.

Yup, Farsali has been picked up by Sephora Australia, so now you can head down to their store or online and finally try this baby out for yourself.

In case you never looked beyond the glittery pics (and tbh, 10/10 would spend just for the shimmer), Unicorn Essence (titled Unicorn Tears in Oz) is more than just a glitter bomb. It’s basically a primer-cross-skincare hybrid, designed to prep skin for makeup whilst also boosting it with some good shit, like berry-based antioxidants and vit C, which work to fight free radicals that can cause premature ageing and skin dullness.

Unicorn Tears clocks in at $72, and you can nab a bottle right bloody now from, and in stores from the 27th September.