NT Police Search For Boofheads Who Unleashed 3 Crocs In A School Office

In news that could only conceivably come from the Northern Territory, police are on the lookout for the four blokes who smashed into a school in Humpty Doo before unleashing three saltwater crocs.


The female salties, ranging in length from 1.5m to a full 2m, were found this morning at Taminmin College by a caretaker responding to the security alarm.

A wildlife officer was called in to wrangle the reptiles, which had their mouths tied shut with zip-ties. 

Senior Constable David Gregory said “the ranger that turned up was very concerned for them… They haven’t seen water for a long time and are undernourished.”
It’s not yet known there the animals were originally plucked from, but they’re currently being looked after by rangers. With any luck, they’ve been given a ripper feed for their troubles.

NT Police are currently examining CCTV footage of the break-in, which shows the masked intruders dumping the crocs before turning their attention to messing up the office. 

A word of advice for the cops: when you do find ’em, turn the gang over to Humpty Doo’s very own Big Boxing Croc. Ol’ BBC will show them what’s up.

Source: ABC / NT News (who else).
Photo: Isabelle Mullen / Twitter.