No-Brainer Summer Beauty Tips For Girls And Guys

This season Pedestrian has teamed up with MIDORI to bring you a series of guides for everybody’s favourite cocktail-drinking season. As part of this we’ve compiled a set of no-brainer beauty tips for these last few precious beach weekends: easy, uncomplicated steps for both men and women to follow.


Feet aren’t the sexiest appendage at the best of times but things can get really gross during warmer months, what with sweaty sneakers, strappy shoes, and bare-footed activities. Both men and women can benefit from a seasonal spa pedicure at the local salon: they’re relaxing and it’s weirdly satisfying when they shave all the dead skin off your feet like its extra vintage parmesan cheese. For the adventurous: there’s also something called a fish pedicure. Either way all you need do is lie back, read back issues of Woman’s Day, and wait for the foot massage offers to start rolling in.


Ladies: if there’s anything scarier than a clown, it’s a face full of melting clown-face. Put simply make-up looks way better when kept to a minimum in Summer. Not only is going bare more practical for the beach and other outdoorsy activities, but it will also reduce the incidence of crater face – heavy foundations and humidity don’t mix. Just do as the beauty editors say and opt for a non-literal “burst” of fresh colour, such as bright lippie, fluro nails, or blue mascara a la Blondie circa 1987 (yes they still make this and it’s awesome). Either way just don’t end up looking like this:


Cottage cheese bum. Orange peel thighs. Whichever food-related connotation you go for, the mere mention of cellulite can give some women a hernia during hotpants season. Cellulite is essentially toxins stuck in fat cells due to decreased circulation: reducing caffeine, doing more exercise, and daily exfoliation may reduce it, plus responsible drinking is a given. (Along with eating less fun stuff according to this article over at The Daily Mail.) Some chicks also opt for snazzy sounding derriere creams but the results are dubious at best. One less costly Summer solution is to simply embrace: over 90 percent of the fairer sex will get cellulite during their lives with it mostly DNA determined, i.e. just blame your Mum.


This beauty tip applies to both sexes whether they’re shaving legs, underarms, the flavour saver, or “other” places. Summer calls for a lot of exposed de-fuzzed skin but it’s also a season full of infection encouraging humidity. For unblemished skin make sure you shave safe and avoid any unnecessary nicks and cuts: use a clean razor, lather with a good quality antibacterial soap or lotion, and exfoliate beforehand to reduce the chance of ingrowns. Also, quit using your flatmate’s beard trimmer to mow down South. He’s onto you.


Manscaping has become increasingly commonplace what with the boom of hair removal options and the widespread demonisation of back hair. Before embarking on a possibly quite complicated journey to hair-free sunbaking, however, dudes should think about their bank balance and skin sensitivity. Waxing and hair removal creams can cause irritation or red bumpy ingrown hairs (way more embarrassing than a bit of back fuzz) and laser hair removal is pretty $$$. And then there’s this one to consider:


As opposed to the general fatwa against body hair, Summer is an important time to promote the growth of head hair. Sun exposure and swimming in chlorinated pools can damage your follicles, so invest in a deep conditioning treatment every few weeks to keep things as lush and shiny as a Pantene Pro V advertisement. (Apparently guacamole is a good home conditioning remedy for those looking to bring the Mexican food trend into their beauty regime.) Hair breakage and male pattern baldness can also be partially prevented by eating the right foods: iron deficiency is linked to hair weakness, so eat lots of green vegies, eggs, or a juicy slab of medium-rare steak.


Detoxing can be a great short-term way to prepare for a looming event with partial-nudity involved, such as a beach holiday or the closing scene of your next hot date (you hope). That said you don’t have to become one of those angry malnourished psychopaths who only drink lemon juice spiced with paprika, pepper, and discontent. This Huffington Post article by sugar nazi Dr Mark Hyman is a good starting point for those lacking in energy levels, as is this Yoga Lifestyle guide perhaps with the exception of nasal douching – WTF. Lent is also about to start for those of you needing motivation/eternal salvation from Beelzebub.


That iconic Slip Slop Slap mantra has had some extra alliteration added in recent years, but the Cancer Council of Australia’s message is still essentially the same 30 years on: don’t be a douchebag and just make sure you protect your skin from avoidable cancer during Summertime. This one is especially poignant for all you sensitive-souled gingerkids, as well as anybody else who doesn’t want their very own leatherback epidermis. Also make sure you check your sunglasses have built in SPF protection for your eyes: a lot of cheapie fashion varieties skimp on this important detail.

Words by Emilia Terzon