New ‘Life’ Trailer Adds Gruesome Twist By Jacking ‘Spider-Man’ 3 Footage

Unpopular opinion alert: ‘Spider-Man 3‘ was a fun, goofy-as-hell time, and not nearly the train wreck it’s largely remembered as. 
Sure it was overstuffed, had some terrible gender dynamics, and Sandman killing Uncle Ben was dumb as hell. 
But the film still had more heart, ideas and charm than either of the Andrew Garfield films, or literally anything from DC in the last 5 years. Plus, Emo Spider-Man was meant to be goofy, dammit.

It’s the hair. The hair is how you know he’s bad now.

Now the film is enjoying the comeback it deserves, with the most recent trailer for ‘Life‘, another Sony-produced film about evil alien goop, straight up stealing footage from Tobey McGuire’s swansong. 
Redditor toomuchsoull made the honestly impressive discovery after this trailer dropped last night. 
Impressive because, as great as it would be to have Spider-Man suddenly rock up mid-way through a completely different film, the repeated footage is just reaction crowd shots, captured here around the 1:26 mark. 
That crowd, seemingly responding to the infected ship hitting earth (spoilers, trailer, god), bares a striking similarity to one from ‘Spider-Man 3‘.
While Sony hasn’t released an explanation, it’s likely they just recycled stock footage and forgot that, while the two shots are technically different and honestly not that important anyway, people on the internet will always, always find these connections. 
But the repeated footage also raises the possibility that the trailer lies to us, and the ship doesn’t actually hit earth. Which is actually a pretty good way of screwing with audience expectations.
That, or the footage is canon and Spidey is somehow being dragged into yet another random idiot’s fight.
Source: io9.
Photos: Sony.