Models In Tokyo Make Out In Movie

Virtually unknown/mysterious filmmaker Beaufort – the maker of masked music videos, has made a feature film: a romantic drama about a pair of models in Tokyo and it’s called Tiger.

It looks like Lost In Translation meets Centre Stage meets “Next Top Model” meets DIY-low-budget-art-house-up-late-at-night-watching-SBS style cinema.

Beaufort (real name James McFay) also filmed a series of interviews with models about traveling, living and loving – leading up to the release of the film.

The first is with Rebecca Victoria-Fulwood – a Sydney-based model (with Chadwicks) who was working in Tokyo during the shooting of Tiger and plays a supporting role in the film. The second is with Valeska Mosich-Miller – an American model and ballerina, currently in Sydney with Platform, soon to be heading back to Vietnam.

Tiger will be released on DVD in April.

Will it be as good as the Zoolander sequel though?

Beaufort’s website