Miley Cyrus Has Created Some Aggressively Sparkly Kicks W/ Converse

If you like your glitter coming at you with absolutely no subtlety, you’ll love Miley Cyrus‘ new line of sneakers, coming to you c/o Converse.

The singer’s collaborated with the iconic shoe brand on a series of classic styles, including platform All Stars:

And High Tops:

The glitter soled ones are getting the most attention – and they’re peak Miley Cyrus.

But she’s also done some for the glitter-averse.

It’s not the first time Converse has collaborated with a big-name music star. Tyler The Creator‘s recent Golf Le Fleur collection received rave reviews and high sales, so there’s a solid chance Miley’s will go the same way.

No word yet on when her collection drops, but check their site regularly for news.