We should preface this by saying that we all *know* that if ‘Space Jam 2‘ ever happens, it’s going to be LeBron James starring in it. That is as big a certainty as either basketball or Hollywood are capable of.

James is the biggest name in the NBA, and potentially only second to MJ in terms of all-time star power, and he’s already shown the film industry that he’s got a surprisingly good comedic turn in him. Hell, it’s the one area of his game where James is unequivocally the better of the 6-time NBA Champion.

But still, this is interesting nonetheless.

The long-awaited and rightfully deserved sequel to the 1996 hit Looney Tunes/NBA crossover (celebrating its official 20th anniversary on November 15th, mark that shit down in your calendars) finally saw more than a little grease added to the wheel a couple of months ago. ‘Fast & The Furious‘ franchise director Justin Lin was reportedly given the golden ticket task of penning the script and helming the project’s development (apparently a passion project of his). And now that Lin’s last project ‘Star Trek Beyond‘ is well and truly in the can, his dance card is suspiciously clear for the next little while.

Enough time to get up and get a real jam going down, IF YA CATCH OUR DRIFTS.

Unfortunately for LeBron (even though he is definitely, 100% gonna be in the film if it ever gets up), he’s not exactly the first pick for MJ.

Jordan is currently on the US summer basketball camp tour fielding various Q&A’s and smacking down kids attempting enfeebled “what are thooooose“s on him THE MAN OWNS HIS OWN SHOE COMPANY SIT DOWN YOU LITTLE SHIT YOU WILL NOT WIN.

At a recent stop, a deceptively deep-voiced “child” asked him who he would pick to star in ‘Space Jam 2.’ Jordan’s response?

SHOCKER! Michael Jordan revealed who he would pick to star in Space Jam 2, and it wasn’t LeBron James! (Via @houseofhighlights and @lashmiller)

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Blake Griffin. He of the Los Angeles Clippers.

You’d imagine that Griffin would at least get a role in the cast of SP2. Someone’s gotta be the Patrick Ewing to LeBron’s MJ, after all.

But Griffin as the star of the show might not be as far fetched as you might think. The guy has repeatedly told the story about having a Space Jam-themed birthday party when he was a kid.

He even played the Michael Jordan role at a table reading of the script for Funny or Die at the UCB Theatre back in 2014.

Whatever happens with the sequel, as long as we get Seth Green doing Bugs Bunny in ebonics, I think we’ll be alright.

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