It Seems Some Uptight Folk Are Deeply Offended By Meghan Markle’s Latest Outfit

Meghan Markle Dress Inappropriate Slammed

Meghan Markle is gorgeous, talented and about to marry one of my many dream boyfriends, Prince Harry. Girl has got it pretty good right now. To be honest, there’s a not a lot about Meg’s life that makes me feel bad for her. There’s her batshit family of course, but hey, everyone’s got one of those. But there’s also the scrutiny. My god, the woman cannot take a single step without millions of judging eyes on her. I just… would not be able to deal with that. I’m too sensitive. I’d be a recluse forever.

Case in point: Meghan’s latest outing, on which she accompanied her fiancé to a memorial service for Stephen Lawrence, an 18-year-old Black British man who was murdered 25 years ago in a racially-motivated attack.

The sombre occasion was also attended by UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who sat near Meghan and Harry in the front row of the service.

Meghan sported a dark, midi-length Hugo Boss dress with a V-neck and no sleeves, and you can bet some British Royal Family traditionalists had thoughts about the outfit.

I mean, SHOULDERS! What kind of world are we living in?

Hold on to your monocles and dive in:

The hair is a bit of an issue as well, apparently. Not to mention the fact her and Harry were – gasp – holding hands.

Some people had so much to say, they tweeted twice.

Theresa: you need to calm down.

Don’t worry – plenty of people were defending Meghan in the comments, but this smackdown was my absolute highlight. Twitter user Lyle was so keen to stick up for Megs with an example of flashy funeral dressing, they picked a still from Pretty Little Liars without realising it wasn’t real life.

Lyle, you absolute legend. I agree the people in this photo should be attacked, not for their outfits but rather their terrible terrible TV show.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t give a shit about Meghan’s Hugo Boss dress. I’m just hanging out to see what she wears at her May 19 wedding. I hope she goes strapless / backless / frontless / crotchless just to piss these trolls off.