FYI: Meghan Markle’s Hyped Camilla & Marc Jacket Is Almost Sold Out

Seriously – every brand that exists, just throw your wares at future Mrs. Prince Harry because clearly if she wears it/holds it/even looks at it, you’ll be looking at across-the-board sales and then some.

Meghan Markle is hot shit right now and that means anything she wears is going to be dissected, hunted down online, and bought by super fans (or just people who like nice threads – girl has good style, what can we say). The latest item to go into sold out mode? This Camilla & Marc Marguerite Blazer:

Camilla & Marc Marguerite Blazer, $699

It’s a fashion girl statement already – it’s been doing the rounds on the shoulders of the sartorially-inclined Australian set for years now. Meghan’s just given it global cred, and that’s led to it almost completely selling out – on the Camilla and Marc site, there’s only size 6 available at the moment.

Here’s Meghan wearing it this week.

Source: Getty Images

The jacket features padded shoulders and a cinched waistline, and while you can’t score one yourself online unless you’re a size 6 right now, there’s the option to be notified when stock returns.

Now, someone give me some $$ so I can make a custom handbag business and send this woman a “I’m Marrying Harry” handbag…