A Marvel x Pandora Collab Has Dropped & This Is The Closest I’ll Ever Get To Being An Avenger

Every time I watch a Marvel movie, I sit there and reckon I could do it, too. It’s rich, considering my distaste for running and any inconveniences. But still, I like to dream of giving it a whirl. It’s nice to pretend for a hot sec that I could have the power to make everything good in the world.

If you’re a Marvel fan who’s secretly harboured the same thoughts as you scoff your popcorn (don’t pretend like you haven’t), now’s your time to shine. Pandora has collabed with Marvel on a jewellery collection, which basically feels like we’re getting the call-up from Nick Fury to join the gang.

Nick Fury Avengers GIF

About time, Nick.

Whether you wanna pretend like you’re part of the team, or just express your love for the franchise in a new, stylish way, this 11-piece collection will do the trick. The jewellery line consists of nine charms, a snake chain bracelet with The Avengers logo as the clasp, and a 14k gold-plated infinity stones ring – so you can legit collect all six infinity stones for yourself. Thanos could’ve only dreamed that they looked this pretty on him in his evil heyday.

The bracelet charms in the collection are all either a teeny-tiny version of an Avenger, or a symbol that represents them. The hand-finished little cuties are crafted using metal, texture and highly detailed enamel work to recreate their specific outfits.

So, add a bit of power to your bracelet by picking a charm based on your favourite hero (or heroes). Personally, I’d go for Black Widow because I love to see the ladies killin’ it, but Black Panther and Thor’s Hammer were a very close second place.

Check out the full Marvel x Pandora collection in-store and online from tomorrow.