7 Of The Most Stylish Characters In The MCU Bc Fashion Is Also About Brave Choices

As someone who wears basically all black, I am not one for bold fashion choices. But I still hold out hope that I could rock something different and a lot more fun. And while of course, Marvel movies are about action and excitement, I do also love to sneakily scope out the stylish characters’ outfits.

It wasn’t until I watched the recent Spider-Man: No Way Home that I realised I may need to go a step further and crack out a Pinterest board. Even though Aunt May isn’t technically one of the heroes (she’s so nice she really could be), she has now become one of my fashion heroes.

But it’s not just May. Here are four of the most stylish fashionistas in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to inspire you to work some more bold looks, too.

Aunt May

Aunt May wears an ombre shirt and yellow singlet

Ah, my guiding light. This is definitely the coolest iteration we’ve ever seen of Aunt May in Spider-Man. Would you cop a look at the ombre shirt?! Between that and the wide leg jeans, she’s a style icon forever in my books.

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda Maximoff in a 90s outfit on the left and 70s outfit on the right

As we know, fashion trends circle back around. Thanks to the plot line spanning decades in WandaVision, we got to see Wanda wear some absolutely killer throwback looks that are definitely on their way back. From this 90s plaid number with high-waisted jeans and suspenders, to the groovy 70s dress, they’re all looks to bookmark. 


Shuri wears white mesh dress and orange windbreaker

Not only is Shuri the princess of Wakanda and an actual genius, but she’s also a style icon. I know she’s not real, but I’m still jealous and want to be friends with her, somehow? She has quite the array of cool ‘fits from the mesh, white dress she wears in the lab, to this bold orange number. Sometimes you’ve just got to go for a striking colour. 


Loki wears a suit and tie

Look, say what you want about the evil dude but he is chic. Obviously, don’t rock the horns with the suit on the right but that green waistcoat is suave. Loki‘s also not one to shy away from a hairstyle shake-up when experimenting with his style, having shown off some tousled waves and slicked back looks in the past.

Black Panther

T’Challa knows how to do it all. From the iconic Black Panther suit, to royal outfits and casual streetwear, he adds a classy quality to it all. We love the tough-guy look with the black trench coat, combat books and necklace. And would you have a geeze at the gentleman in his gold-speckled suit jacket?! 

Iron Man

Tony Stark

If there’s one thing old mate Iron Man knows how to do, it’s accessorise. When he’s not clad in the Iron Man suit, Tony Stark is a big fan of bold sunnies and chunky, expensive-looking watches. Plus, he always looks sharp in suits and jazzes them up with a pop of a bright colour. Noted for our own wardrobes, Mr Stark. 

Black Widow

To be honest, Natasha has style hits and misses. But, if we look at her best moments, there’s a lot of good stuff to pick up on. She’s very rock chic, with leather and textured jackets, big boots and black jeans. Like our friend Loki, Black Widow also is very comfortable changing up her hairstyle and colour to change up her look. 

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