Magnum Ad Cleared After Whingey “Lesbianism During Family Time” Complaint

Imagine being the kind of person who’d get upset enough about a same-sex couple kissing in an ad for ice cream that you’d complain to the Advertising Standards Board (ASB). Now, imagine having your claim completely and utterly dismissed.

One curmudgeonly human is feelin’ that way right about now, ’cause the powers that be have deemed Magnum’s new ad to be totally above board. 

Here it is, by the way:
In their complaint, that one miffed telly-watcher railed against “promotion of lesbianism during family viewing time. I know this will not be taken seriously as ramming this down our throats now happens daily.”

However, the ASB did take this one seriously – and found the complaint lacking in some significant areas regardless. 

According to them, the ~smewch~ / marriage contained within the ad was “not portrayed in a humorous over-the-top way, it was filmed in a cinematic way and shows a serious depiction of a wedding ceremony.

“Consumers viewing the advertisement are not being prejudiced or treated or portrayed unjustly or unfairly by the imagery in the wedding scene.”
Furthermore, the ad was cleared to air at any time, outside of timeslots when pre-school shows are broadcast. 
In reference to that “family time” thing, the ASB said the ad was aligned with the cultural norm of treating “gender and sexual preference fairly, impartially and tolerantly.”

As far as we’re concerned, the most worrying thing about the ad is the fact the couple don’t change out of their wedding gowns before chowing down on their frosty treats. That’s a dangerous precedent, right there.

Source: Mumbrella.
Photo: Magnum / YouTube.