These Are The Best-Selling MAC Lipsticks In Oz & How Many Nudes Do You Need

MAC lipsticks are a beauty-obsessive’s version of those Magic cards kids had when you were in primary school  in Australia – they’re a prized collectible, and owning all the iconic shades is the goal.

While there have been loads of cult colours released over the decades, some discontinued, some standing the test of time – what we’re really here for is what everyone’s buying right bloody now. Sure, it’s unoriginal. Sure, we could just go pick a shade we like at a MAC counter. But GUYS, let’s be honest – if everyone’s buying these shades, they must be pretty damn special.

Here’s the top 10 shades sold in Oz this year.

#10: DIVA

When you want dark lips, you go for Diva. The purple-red was arguably the hero lipstick when the vamp lip made a return a few years back, and clearly we’re still all obsessed with the suit-everyone shade.



This is the truest red MAC offers – blue-based and vibrant, it’s often people’s first MAC lippie purchase, simply because it is Taylor Swift levels of classic.

#8: TWIG

We can all probably thank Kylie Jenner for continuing to make all the shades of MAC nude lipsticks consistently trend since 2013. Twig was one of those shades she briefly mention in a Snap story or on Instagram, and then we all raced to the shops and depleted the stock in seconds. It’s a great pink-nude.



The 90’s called and they want their signature lip shade back. I like to call this a dirty red – there’s a brown undertone that makes it less Hollywood, more off-duty-Kate-Moss-on-her-way-to-the-bar.

#6: FAUX

Another Kylie Jenner shade – this was ICONIC a couple of years back, and clearly for good reason and not just hype. Basically, Kylie teamed this with the Whirl lipliner from MAC, socialled it, and we all lost our shit. It’s a light pink-nude and she wasn’t wrong in using it as the perfect layering lippie over deeper lip liner shades for some depth.

#5: MEHR

MAC coin this ‘dirty rose’, and it’s basically a feminine pink given a bit of an edge with a slightly brown-nude undertone.


The PERFECT lip colour when you want a more natural-feeling pink lip.


The nude all vloggers swear by – Honeylove is proper “nothing” peachy-nude colour, meaning it’ll neutralise your natural lip undertones for a 10/10 no-makeup finish.


MAC’s favourite red is adored with good reason – it’s an intense matte, it’s punchy and sexy, and it sticks around forever on your lips. There’s a reason when Rihanna did a range with MAC, she had a Ruby Woo spin-off called Riri Woo. ‘Cos it’s the best.


Everyone should own Velvet Teddy and I don’t care if that’s a huge generalisation – it’s the absolute, perfect nude. It’s slightly pink meaning brown-nude haters won’t baulk at it, but it’s got that brown undertone that keeps it natural. It’s a bit 90’s, but not so trend-driven that people repping other styles won’t also love it. The ultimate all-rounder.