There’s no such thing as having too many lipsticks, unless you’re one of those people on Hoarders but your issue is hoarding lipsticks, and then you suffocate under their weight or something. That’s probably… not ideal.

If your love affair with lippie is deep and sensual, get ready to have an orgasm because MAC – yes, only one of the most coveted makeup brands in the world – is flinging free lipstick your way tomorrow (Sat 29th July, aka. National Lipstick Day). 
Raising your eyebrow slowly to indicate your disbelief? ‘Cos there MUST be a catch, right. Like spending $400 on other shit or something.
Well, un-rustle those previously rustled jimmies because no, there is no catch. No catch, guys. All you’ve gotta do is pop into your local MAC or David Jones store (selected Myer stores are participating, too) and sign up + follow the MAC Australia Instagram. Then boom! One of the famed MAC Lip Bullets will be yours.
It’s obviously a ‘while stocks last’ situation, and shades will vary but guys. Free lipstick. Free, good lipstick. What are you still doing reading this? Go line up outside the store, you adorable fools.

Image: Instagram / @maccosmetics.