Lush Products Have Plopped Onto ASOS Making Our Late-Night Shops About 400% Nicer Smelling

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Cult bath fizzy faves Lush Cosmetics have plonked into the beauty section of the ASOS online retailer, with a bunch of the bath and body brand’s fave products now able to be bought alongside the rest of your online shopping serotonin hit. Not only that, but there’s a sneaky exclusive bath bomb on sale that you can only get on ASOS.

Over 40 products bundled up in 16 different packs are now on sale and available for Aussie fans to grab and chuck in their carts, with a heap of ‘Best Of’ sets including lip scrubs, shower gels, body lotions, bath bombs, and haircare.

lush cosmetics asos
LUSH Best Of Shower Gels Set – $32.95

There’s also a range of ‘Best For’ bundles, which are curated especially to create certain results or hit in particular ways.

The Best for Big Hair set features classic Lush faves Big shampoo loaded with sea salt and lemon for lift and shine, American Cream conditioner for moisture without lots of weight, and a tub of Roots scalp treatment packed with tingly mint and spearmint to get things moving from the roots out.

lush cosmetics asos
LUSH Best For Big Hair Set – $37

While the pack that’s made specifically to get you feeling sleepy includes the Sleepy shower gel, soap, and body lotion, packed with tonka and lavender to help you calm down before bed, for instance.

lush cosmetics asos
LUSH Best For Feeling Sleepy Bodycare Set – $35

For the diehard Lushies among us, the new way to get your fizz on has brought with it an entirely new product, exclusive to the ASOS store. It’s a bath bomb called White Noise, and it’s infused with cedarwood oil, Sicilian red mandarin oil, patchouli oil and benzoin resinoid.

The new bomb is only available in a duo pack with minty and intensely blue cult fave – Intergalactic bath bomb – and will set you back a tight $20.

lush cosmetics asos
LUSH X ASOS Exclusive Bath Bomb Duo Set – $20

Fingers crossed this is just the start of Lush stuff we’re able to buy in our routine ASOS shops, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on more sneaky exclusives popping up in the beauty section from here on out.