Pray For The ASOS Employee Who Printed A Glaring Typo On 17,000 Bags

We’ve all fucked up at work before (some of us daily), but have you ever made a mistake repeated 17,000 times?

Online retail giant ASOS accidentally printed out 17,000 delivery bags with a typo on them. Seventeen thousand. Oops?

The tagline is meant to read, “discover fashion online”, but what 17,000 of them now actually read is: “discover fashion onilne”.

In solidarity, lingerie brand Sharee posted pics of its own editing fuck-up, which unluckily enough was printed on its office wall.

Hint: it reads “our first very”, not “our very first”.

ASOS is calling its bags a “limited edition” run, so if you get one of these, please know you are extremely special in a way that will not matter in any real way.

…..Er, probably.