That ASOS Homewares Line Landed This Week: Here’s What We’re Buying

The news that ASOS was finally venturing into homewares territory had us all in a right conniption last week – we’ve long headed to ASOS for trend-driven pieces like, hi-I’m-an-18C-farm-girl.

[jwplayer uhR6V6TN]

Of course, the stuff coming through already is must-buy shit. It’s early days, and there’s a distinct lack of bedlinen which is my personal obsession, but here’s my wrap of the stuff you should be copping before it sells out.

ASOS SUPPLY Chip & Dip Bowls, $32

Ummm, yes I want a set of matching bamboo bowls for my guac and chippies.

ASOS SUPPLY Pom Pom Bath Mat, $32

This is so perfectly 50s, it will look excellent in my mid-century vibes (read: unrenovated) apartment bathroom.

ASOS SUPPLY Rattan Round Plant Hanger, $28

Do you have copious amounts of indoor plants like me? Do you also think they may become sentient beings and murder you in your sleep? At least they’ll look cute in this hanger.

ASOS SUPPLY Minimal Woven Throw, $64

Throws are the best. I have too many already and I still want this one bc mustard & light blue are a dream pairing.

ASOS SUPPLY Eye Mirror, $36

This both terrifies me and intrigues me. I need it for staring at when I get home from a massive night out.

ASOS SUPPLY Eye See You Double Duvet Set, $70

MORE EYE THINGS! MORE EYES TO STARE AT ME WHEN I’M DRUNK! Jks this is the level of fun bedlinen I need in my life.

You can check out the whole range here.