Khloé Kardashian Is Copping Shit For These Pics Of Sweet Angel True

khloe kardashian

No matter what you think of her, you’ve got to admit, Khloé Kardashian‘s copped it pretty bad recently.

Between getting slammed by another fashion brand for allegedly stealing their designs, to getting dragged by fans over some hectic Photoshop accusations, the new mum’s had a decent amount of stuff on her plate recently.

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But rather than giving her a break, fans have now started criticising KoKo’s parenting style, accusing her of being “ashamed” of her daughter, True Thompson.

Heavy stuff. I mean, I’m not a big Kardashian fan, but that’s taking things a wayyyy too far IMO.

It all started when Khloé shared a picture on Instagram of bb True looking cute as a button inside one of her Hermès Birkins (ah, so relatable).

Here’s the post in question:

Pretty bloody sweet, hey?

Well, apparently fans had an issue with True and that dainty little headband, accusing Khloé of using the head piece to hide True’s natural, curly hair:

“BUT why [you] always got her in head rag??” one wrote. “Come on now let her hair breathe..what ya ashamed of Khloe I mean ALWays got her head wrapped Dang!!!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

“Your daughter is so beautiful but please stop tying these wraps on her head” added another.

I’ll honestly never understand why people on the internet seem to feel like it’s their moral obligation to make other people feel like crap for just living their life. But alas.

If Khloé wants to dress her daughter in headbands, she can. In much the same way that, if she wants to dress True as a superhero 24/7, she totally can. So can everyone just rack off?

Thankfully, some of KoKo’s fans were quick to defend the new mum, pointing out that the headbands are super cute, and there are also plenty of pics showing True without hair accessories.

“What’s wrong with her wearing headwraps all the time? I think she looks absolutely adorable with them on. I don’t think Khloe is hiding anything about her baby,” wrote one. “If that was the case, she wouldn’t post any pics of her beautiful little princess. society has come to an all time low when you and others, are reaching too far for something negative!!”

So there you have it,