Karl Lagerfeld Fans Are Worried For Choupette, His Precious Birman Kitty

The death of legendary Chanel couturier Karl Lagerfeld has inspired warm tributes from the mainstream fashion industry, but also immense sympathy for the German designer’s closest living family member – namely his cat, Choupette. 

Lagerfeld, who died aged 85 after what French media reports was a weeks-long illness, adopted the Birman in 2013 and famously said he would marry his furry friend if it were legal.

Such was Lagerfeld’s devotion to the cat that Choupette was treated to meals better than many people eat, and reportedly scoffed that high-end kibble from Goyard bowls.

After news of Lagerfeld’s death made international headlines, the Instagram account for Choupette (of course the cat has an Instagram account) issued a statement about “daddy” Karl.

“He will forever live in my now broken heart and the hearts of all his supporters around the world,” the account said.

via @choupettesdiary / Instagram

Despite Choupette reportedly being an heir to Lagerfeld’s multimillion dollar fortune through a labyrinthine series of trusts, folks are still worried about the beloved kitty’s wellbeing.


Despite the concern, it seems likely the favourite pet of an uber-famous and wealthy individual will be just fine.

Elsewhere, human luminaries in the fashion world have paid tribute to the bloke.

News of the fashion designer’s death rippled throughout the industry, with fellow designers, magazine editors, models, and everyday admirers of his luxurious aesthetic offering their warmest sentiments.

In a statement, Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour said her longtime compatriot in all things chic would be fondly remembered.

“Karl was so much more than our greatest and most prolific designer—his creative genius was breathtaking and to be his friend was an exceptional gift,” Wintour said.

“Karl was brilliant, he was wicked, he was funny, he was generous beyond measure, and he was deeply kind. I will miss him so very much.”

That opinion has been echoed around the entire fashion ecosystem.