‘It’s Always Sunny’ Will Fight The Nightman In Another Musical Episode

If you can believe it, ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘ is currently working on bringing their TWELFTH season to TV screens. That’s an unreal effort for a show about a bunch of truly terrible people rotting away in a shitty South Philly pub.

I mean, they’re the most beautiful, glorious, magnificent terrible people you’ll ever see. But still, y’know, terrible people. Legit sociopaths/possible serial killers. It’s the best.
They’ve covered all kinds of ground in the decade+ since the show premiered in August 2005 (!!!): gun fever, trying out for the Philadelphia Eagles, being locked in a psych hospital with Sinbad and Rob Thomas, going on a half-baked version of ‘Family Feud,’ even solving the gas crisis.
But through all that, one of the most memorable episodes the series has produced was the season four finale, ‘The Nightman Cometh,’ in which poor, sweet, messed up-but-loveable Charlie wrote and produced his very own musical in an enfeebled attempt to win the eternal love of The Waitress.
‘Course it didn’t work (it never does *CREYS FOREVER*), but it gifted unto us all the struggle of the Dayman as he fights the Nightman, as well as the knowledge that you gotta pay the troll toll to get into that boy’s soul – his SOUL.

The point being that musicals and sitcoms have traditionally gone together like peanut butter and chocolate, and that ‘Sunny‘ episode is a particularly good example of that.
Because one good turn deserves another, it would appear that the Gang is getting ready to warm up the pipes once again.
Charlie Day, speaking to YouTuber Red Carpet Roxy, let slip a few interesting details for what’s in store for season 12, and among other things, we’re heading back to the stage.
(DISCLAIMER: I know the backing music is weird, I don’t know what’s going on with it either).

“It’s a funny year. You can expect to see some of the UFC, you can expect to see an entire musical episode, guest starring from Scott Bakula, you can expect to see us at a water park, you can expect a very funny season.”

So not only is there a FULL musical episode coming, we’re apparently going to get one somehow involving the UFC (which seems tailor-made for a Mac-heavy ass-kicking episode, TBH), AND an episode guest starring TV’S SCOTT BAKULA.

‘Course this could all be smoke, mirrors, and misdirection from Day, and he could be lying through his teeth just to screw with us.
And in which case:
Expect to see ‘It’s Always Sunny‘ S12 at some point in January.
Source: Vulture.