IT BEGINS: WA Police Arrest 19 Y.O For Alleged Cooked Clown Scare Prank

Welp, that didn’t take too long at all. 

Mere days after this godforsaken clown mania exploded into the public conscience, a bona fide dropkick has been arrested in Western Australia for allegedly harassing a group of teenagers while wearing full clown regalia. 

Photos posted online demonstrate the get-up in question:
The 19-year-old was nabbed by the cops around 9.30pm last night, after police claim he did his best (read: worst) horror movie cliche impression outside a shopping centre in the town of Northam.
Unbelievable, it’s alleged the face-painted fuccboi in question actually chased the group directly to the Northam Police Station. In a statement posted on FacebookWA Police say officers opened the door to find the situation unfolding right bloody there. 

He was chased for a few hundred metres before being caught. Presumably his oversized shoes had something to do with that. He’s been charged with disorderly behaviour (understandable) and possession of a disguise (which may be of some concern to would-be Halloween pranksters). 

The arrest comes after police departments nationwide issued warnings against this kind of creatively bankrupt trolling. Just don’t, ya know?