Two 12-Year-Olds Harassed By A Clown In Adelaide & God Can We Stop This Pls

Welp, this moronic clown thing is absolutely here to stay, isn’t it?

We reported yesterday that WA Police arrested a bloke for harassing teens while dressed as a clown, and now the Advertiser reports that two 12-year-old girls were “terrorised” by a clown in the Adelaide CBD. The clown apparently apprehended them and tried to steal their wallet.
“This is not a joke at all, they will attack you, beat you and steal your phone,” one of the girls wrote on Facebook. “I am traumatised, I am shaking, we called the police, he kicked me …” 

Police in South Australia say they are very aware of the so-called ‘Clown Purge’, which basically constitutes of a pack of cretins dressing up as clowns in the wake of a pointless moral hysteria over in the United States. SA Police issued a statement via a spokesperson:
Police are aware of recent reports from interstate and overseas concerning situations where people have dressed up as clowns and have randomly attempted to scare or threaten others. This has occurred primarily in public places. It is being called the ‘Clown Purge’. Police would like to emphasise to those who may intend to engage in this kind of behaviour, for whatever intention, that it could potentially result in danger to them or other members of the public.

Because this is how these things work, there have been stories out there about people retaliating and beating up clowns. Nothing concrete, at this point – police denied that a clown was king hit in Caringbah, NSW, for example – but I’m sure it’s happening in some capacity. 

A video is being widely shared on Facebook which purports to show two blokes in Bankstown beating up a clown they saw by the side of the road, but it’s pretty clearly fake – and also posted with the watermark of a YouTube prank channel.
The biggest Facebook page for reporting clown sightings is Clown Sightings Australia. Approximately zero of them are confirmed or investigated in any way, so it basically just seems like a perpetually frightened moderator posting whatever video or image gets sent to their inbox, but it’s fun to scroll through.
But it doesn’t matter anyway. Confirmed hard bastard ‘Paul’ left the following comment on the Advertiser’s Facebook page, so we’re all safe:
Onya Paul.
Source: The Advertiser / Facebook.
Photo: It.