Interview: Behind The Scenes With Ruby Rose For JAG

The latest endeavour for indefatigable slashie-of-all-trades Ruby Rose is a modeling gig as the new face of Australian denim stalwart JAG. Ruby has undoubtedly been enlisted to inject her bankable Gen-Y energy and youth appeal to the rather tired 40-year-old brand, and with an extraordinarily dedicated fan-base behind her, it’ll probably prove a very wise and lucrative move by JAG. We had a chat to Ms Rose about her partnership with JAG – for whom she collaborated with dance producer Paul Mac to cover a stalker-inspired punk classic, and got our hands on some behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot snapped by Daniel Noone (below).

PEDESTRIAN: Congratulations on the new partnership with JAG. Tell us a little about the campaign shoot? RUBY ROSE: It’s going back to JAG’s roots and the original feel and characteristics that made it the iconic brand that it Is today. It’s an awesome fit because it’s got that rock chic, edgy, effortlessly cool vibe. It’s a perfect fit for me because it’s the type of stuff I would wear. The components of the campaign are super unique. The photo shoot we did was a lot of fun and very edgy for the brand – and on top of that we have recorded a remake of a seventies classic by one of my favourite singers of all time which will be matched with a film clip that doubles as an ad. None of it feels like a brand trying to revive itself but feels more like an entirely new project.

JAG is Australian, is that an important factor when it comes to deciding whether to lend your face and your profile to a brand? It feels really special to be able to be the face of an Australian label, but at the same time we are on a world stage and so even though JAG is Australian and that’s awesome, I would have lent my face to it regardless because it is a great brand.

What’s the secret to the perfect pair of jeans? The secret is trying on a lot of jeans and making sure you choose the right jeans for your body shape. Jeans are one of the hardest things to find but I’m lucky because all the JAG jeans kind of fit me perfectly. I like jeans to be super snug – you want them to fit your body, you want it to be tight enough around the ankle, you want them to feel like a second skin. The jeans I’m obsessed with from JAG are the waxed ones because I can wear them during the day, or I can wear them at night at a gig and feel dressed up.

How has it been collaborating with Paul Mac? Was this your first experience working together? Yeah – we haven’t worked together musically [before]. We have hung out together and have mutual friends but it’s the first time we’ve collaborated. It’s rare to go into a studio and record a song in five hours. [The recording process] was pretty pacy but that was what was kind of good about it. it was very much like more how they would have recorded it in the Seventies where you don’t spend all day doing 40 different harmonies, it felt more like a live atmosphere.

You’re singing a classic Blondie tune for the campaign. What’s your relationship to that song and to the band and Debbie Harry? Debbie Harry – I love Debbie Harry! Blondie was the first band I got into musically, mum was a big fan and that was the music we used to play around the house. I grew up just loving Debbie, she was a rock chick but she was glamorous too and I wanted to be like her – I idolised her.

When’s your own album coming out? End of this year.

How’s acting going? Hopefully we’ll get to see Around the Block come out this year, but what film projects are in the pipeline for you? Can’t tell you right now – you’ll have to wait. I’ve got a screening coming up, I can’t wait to see it!