In this episode of ‘When Models Try to Sing‘ we find ourselves in a shitty hotel with Ruby Rose.

Scene opens on Ms. Rose’s butt.

This particular cover has come into being because JAG are celebrating 40 years of being a ‘straylian denim maker and are launching their new ‘Get Back‘ campaign, of which Rose will front as the label’s brand ambassador. The campaign kicks off with the release of a new track and music video featuring Ruby Rose covering the quintessential Blondie hit ‘One Way or Another.

The track was produced by Paul Mac and you can watch it right now:

First thoughts, are obviously, ‘OHNOE Ruby Rose! You must have had SAH much glass in your eyes post-shoot.’ Second thoughts run along the lines of ‘excuse me please, Ruby Rose. You know how you are openly gay? Why not choose a hawt female model to kiss all over?’

Also, is that a wig?
Because, get it? Blondie.

Haha. Yeah. We’re all mates here.

The new collection includes Bombshells by JAG and Razors by JAG. Professional attractive people were used in the making of this campaign. Please, do not attempt this at home: