Ruby Rose On Vogue Cover

Ruby Rose will appear in a spread for the soon-to-be-released April issue of Australian Vogue – and, if the teaser images are anything to go by, it should be a beautiful shoot.

The Vogue website has posted a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, which shows Rose wearing a black Louise Brooks-style bob wig, but doesn’t really reveal much about the clothes she wore in the shoot. But who cares – the best part of the video footage is the conversation. Not.

Ruby talks to the camera about her numerous hair colours and lengths, how she loves to wear jewelery, and how she hated modeling because she was too short. Yawnsville. Hopefully the interview will reveal the stuff we really want to know about, like her alleged pending nuptials to Catherine McNeill and what the hell she was doing commentating on the Winter Olympics.

Anyway, the issue comes out this Wednesday so keep your eyes peeled.

Image courtesy of Dan Boud