How To Upgrade Your Life When You Feel Like A Hot Mess All The Time

PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with John Frieda to help you live the chic life and still have $$$ to like, live. Speaking of, why not give their haircare products a try? They’re actually tailored for your hair colour and hair type, so you don’t have to scrimp on quality while you’re saving pennies for your next o/s trip.

The everyday stuff in life can be pretty mundane. Part of that is simply because we do it every g-damn day – after a while all that eating, sleeping and getting to work-ing gets a bit old, and we stop trying… and then helloooo, life rut.

The thing is, making a few small changes to how you do the everyday can see you go from feeling flat, to really living your best life. Sure, maybe you don’t have the budget for that Celine bag you’ve been lusting after right now. But that doesn’t mean you have to live like it. Here’s a few ways you can upgrade your lifestyle and feel infinitely more chic.

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Bare walls and a computer that’s simply covered in sticky notes does not make for a happy workplace. You obviously don’t want an insane amount of clutter either – that’s a surefire way to end up permanently distracted. But having a few nice things around you at work can make a sterile, corporate environment feel a bit more high class. Think a gorgeous crystal, some inspiring artwork for the walls, and a proper glass to have your water from. 

Buying bulk soap or the cheapest possible shampoo seems like a great, financially-awesome idea at the time. But washing up with stuff that dries your skin and hair out isn’t going to make you feel your best long term. Invest in a quality body wash, something that smells so lush you genuinely enjoy your morning shower. For shampoo and conditioner, think about your hair type and pick a set that’ll do good things for it. 
We’re not saying spend a fortune – for example, John Frieda have a great price point, but really deliver on quality when it comes to giving hair TLC. Their range is designed to offer products that are tailor made for your hair type and colour, so you’re really targeting your actual hair needs. Plus, their Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter range is formulated to give your hair a luminous, pearlescent shine and features real, crushed pearls – if that’s not chic, what is?

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Whether it’s your diary, notebook, bag or wallet – monogramming makes even the most mundane and boring thing (*ahem* card holder *ahem*) seem instantly more premium. There are plenty of stores that specialise in monogrammed goods, or you can take something you own and love already and get it monogrammed at a specialised embossing store. They’re rare, but they exist. 

Stop throwing your keys and wallet on your coffee table, and start putting them in a statement marble tray or on a copper plate. They work both as a display piece, and as a way to minimise household clutter that can make life seem messy and stressful. If you’re finding boring papers like phone bills and things you really should put in a safe place are piling up on your side board, buy a series of fabric-covered storage boxes in a neutral shade like grey or black to store them in – they’re inconspicuous and don’t look out of place.

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How many times a week do you eat your Thai takeaway out of the container it was delivered in? While it always seems easier – mainly because it involves cleaning less at the end of the night – it’s definitely not going to make you feel like you’re eating a real, actual meal. Taking your food out and putting it onto an actual plate is way fancier, guys.
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