This 16-Yr-Old Aussie Model Is Living Your Dream Life Outta A Bali Palace

You might be familiar with 16-year-old FrenchAustralian knockout Inka Williams – the pixie-faced, IMG-signed model racking up an Insta following of over 689K from her own backyard paradise of Bali

The teen recently teamed up with Sydney snapper Cybele Malinowski – whose photographic project Model Maison is a fusion of interiors and portraiture, celebrating long-limbed babes in their everyday, at-home surroundings – to give us a ‘lil look-see inside her humble abode. 

Just quietly, it’s a friggin ISLAND PALACE. Lush greenery and palm trees, redic flora, crochet hammocks – y’know, just the typical living sitch that mere inner-city mortals would chuck a coronary over.

“My home is really traditional and modern Balinese,” Inka tells P.TV. “It’s cultural and really open. Theres a lot of garden and flowers and a view of the rice fields.. My house is all made out of wood.”

While it’s one huge frothfest for anyone not living a permanent vaycay, for Inka, the nature of the shoot meant that she could tap into a personal, private and relatively unseen side of herself through comfortability.

“I’ve always loved the concept of shooting girls in their homes,” Inka tells P.TV of the project. “I feel like it’s somewhere that girls can really be themselves and comfortable whilst shooting, and the photos usually turn out really good and unique.

“It brings out the girl’s personalities a lot and shows their fans how we are everyday at home in some way… It’s really personal and I know that my followers will like it.“

On Cybele’s part: “She was the laid back beach babe we all see on her Instagram. One of the sweetest girl’s I’ve ever worked with.”

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Photos: Cybele Malinowski.
Styling: Maikhahn Bertrand.
Hair & Makeup: Tamik Munro.