Here’s Where To Shop Online In Time For Christmas

Produced in association with our mates at SurfStitch.

It is known that heading into a shopping district or indeed even thinking about looking at a shopping centre this close to Christmas is the actual pits. Something takes over the rational human brain and people begin shopping and buzzing in a hive mind type situation.

We of the younger generations, in particular, are well aware of the advantage of shopping online. Being able to get anything and everything – from a luxe second hand watch manufactured in the former U.S.S.R to Snoop Dogg themed socks to Srirarcha hot stout beer to a plot of land in Scotland – makes surprising and delighting the recipients of your monetary backed Christmas goodwill a breeze.

Merry last-minute suggestions to one and all:

Wine not give the gift of delicious booze this Christmas? Some Young Punks do interesting takes on interesting varietals that are both connoisseur and YOLO proof. Plus, the packaging is hella aesthetically chill.

Very much recommend the Monsters Attack riesling with every seafood within reach on Recovery Boxing Day. 


There is nothing quite so satisfying as giving a large gift. It impressive AF and feeds into our deep seated need to peacock and make a statement. On top of that, a bike is a bloody great present – the gift of fitness and mobility ain’t too shabby a gift to give.

This particular bikery is Australian owned and operated, by two bike loving siblings, and can ship a whole entire bike and its related accessories straight to your door. Smugness inbound.


If you’re not already on board the Aesop train, hop on board and get slathered.

Established in Melbourne in 1987 and now available throughout the world, Aesop has literally got you covered. (With natural skin, hair and body products). It also helps that it’s chic as fuck.

Feels good to give, feels good to get.

We are now connected with a world full of makers, people who are creating stuff with their hands and selling it on at a reasonable price. If you’re not blessed with the time or talent to lovingly craft a knick and/or knack, head to the global marketplace.

Kai Samuels-Davis.

Giving stuff that needs batteries and power is a Christmas tradition. There are obviously a lot of places you can get your tech on, so here’s just one of many. 

3D Printer Pen. No idea how it works. 


I mean, you could easily buy someone a couch for Christmas. Just because. The below adorable dog was purchased on Gumtree. Use classifieds and your local community to give the unexpected.  


You are probably not even aware of just how much you can get from SurfStitch. And I say that knowing full well that you know full well that this post was done in partnership with them. SurfStitch is Aussie owned, by two mates who started it out of their garage on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and they honestly have bloody great brands and products ranging from things for your ears > stand up paddle boards > Vanishing Elephant > cameras > homewares > sunnies > Birkenstocks

If you’ll allow me to gush a little more: they seriously also have great backpacks which, from personal experience, really go the distance. They have a sick range of surfboards with lots of good shapers and… you get the point. Meanwhile, for today only, they’re taking 20% off orders for Christmas. One stop shop alert:

Head here for gifts under $100 / Secret Santa gifts / back to school gifts / gifts under $200