Hamish Blake & Andy Lee Anointed Men Of The Year By GQ

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, a perpetually unshaven and entirely affable pair of professional thirty-something thirteen-year-old boys beloved by Your Mother, were last night anointed The Men of The Year by Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine at a black tie event responsible for the [mild] hangovers currently being nursed by 11% of this office at the time of writing.

At a ceremony held at The Ivy, a cast of local and international talent were awarded with bankable honorifics including Icon of
the Year
for prodigal cartographer Russell Crowe, Inspiration of the Year for James Magnussen, Breakthrough of the Year for actor Jai Courtney and Legend of the Year for kilted legend Jimmy Barnes

Creative Force of the Year was also claimed by human emoticon Curtis Stone, while non-culinary creative forces Baz Luhrmann, Dion Lee, The Rubens, Ben Quilty and ya boi Flume won awards in their respective fields. A Man of Chivalry Award was also rightfully presented to Adam Goodes, while Malcom Turnbull, The Movember TeamAdam Scott (the golfer) and Darren McMullen were also heralded for their equally valid contributions to The Betterment of Life in 2013.
Professional Ten Jessica Hart also won Woman Of The Year for her tireless involvement in the international effort to invoke the ire of Taylor Swift fans.

Photo: Brendan Thorne via Getty