How To Keep Your Hair Looking 10/10 No Matter How Dodgy The Weather Forecast Looks

weather forecast

Some people adamantly believe that they have a sixth sense. No, not the kind of creepy ‘Bruce Willis haunting your child’ sixth sense — the type that makes it possible for you to essentially predict the weather forecast. Those professional meteorologists? Pfsh.

Whether you’ve got a lingering knee injury that plays up whenever it’s getting stormy or an, ahem, mystical ability to tell if it’s already raining (a la Mean Girls), this is a talent.

My signal for figuring out the weather? My hair. This mop is a one-stop shop for all things meteorological, and weather forecast operators should sit up and pay attention to it.

never again

So I know exactly how to handle any kind of weather-related hair drama. I can see it coming. I’m prepared. And because I’m a generous soul, you can be prepared too.

Have a cheeky squiz at these five tried and true methods of prepping your hair according to the weather.

Humidity hell

All I can say is: beware of the Monica Gellar. You know the look. You know what it’s like. You understand the pain of having your hair inflate to frankly unreasonable proportions. You recognise the frizz and moisture in the air.

You have three options here. First, you can lean into the added moisture in the air and opt for a big 80s do. This is bold. Second, you can whack your locks up into a bun or braid to keep it from going into intense frizz mode.

Thirdly? Your best option is to use a hair oil to keep your hair balanced. The Schwarzkopf Extra Care Grape Seed Oil Elixir can help improve manageability, reduce frizziness and keep your locks looking luscious so you can make use of all that added volume for good — not evil.

this is painfully real

When it rains, it pours

When you peek outside and can practically feel the raindrops turning you into a wet dog, it’s a safe bet that you’re going to want to step away from the hair straightener. Actually, you can pretty much step away from any tool that requires heat, because your hair ain’t staying put.

You’ll also want to nix the brushing. With my frizzy mess of a head, I basically never brush my hair as it is. Brushing it after it’s been rained on though? Absolutely no chance. Do not do it. You WILL regret it.

You can still make it work if you’re as lazy as I am, just lean in to the wet look. Slicked back hair is in — whether you whack it in a super slick ponytail or add a bit of gel and leave it out, you could look 10/10.

me at the slightest hint of a sprinkle

Flying on the wind

Ah, wind. The mortal enemy to good hair. The curse that befalls all that dare to grow their luscious locks beyond a couple of inches. The catalyst for making you literally eat your own strands.

Look, depending on how powerful the gusts are, there might be little you can do to stave off a bad hair day. Rest assured though, you can still make an effort to turn the day around. Before: a tornado ravaged your skull. After: a slight wind machine is making you look like Beyoncé.

If you’re after something low maintenance, tie it up into a top knot or chignon. Half the battle is over then. But if you want it out, either go ham with the hair spray or give your strands some added texture and curl to really lean into the tousled look.

because nobody does it like ‘Yoncé

Nice try, sweaty

Summer: the bane of any hair-haver’s existence. Dry heat is the type of weather forecast that will trick you into thinking that everything’s going to be okay. But really? It’ll creep up the back of your neck in the form of a sweat surge. It is quite simply the bad boyfriend of hair forecasts.

On these days, dry shampoo is your comforting best friend. The one that tells you everything is going to be okay as it whisks away all the sweat and grease from your sad strands.

Otherwise, as always, chuck it up. It might not be the most stylish option, but at least it’ll be off your sweaty neck. Pop on a clip or barrette to keep your fringe out of your face for added non-sweaty brilliance.

to the window, to the wall

For real though, regardless of the temperature and weather forecast, changes can mess up your hair in more ways than one. You’ll want to make sure you’re giving it a little extra care in order to keep it healthy and strong as the seasons change.

Whether that means whacking on some more of Schwarzkopf’s Oil Elixir (Grape Seed or Rose Hip, depending on your needs), or suddenly developing the innate ability to predict the weather accurately, you’ve gotta stay on top of things.

Because the day will come, when the weather, stars and planets align to give you a Good Hair day. The most blessed of days.

Be ready for it.