Those Gold RMs Are Back If You Want To Let People Know You Went To Private School

Australia is a nation divided. On one side of the divide are people from Brunswick and Newtown who wear Blundstones to support the mythology that their slacker punk band is working class. On the other side are rich kids from private schools who wear RM Williams boots to add a little bit of country flair to their my-parents-are-Liberals-voters-and-my-favourite-school-sport-was-horse-riding aesthetic.

If you fall into the latter camp: rejoice! Those $545 shiny metallic gold RM Williams boots are back.

Pictured: Noel Fielding’s slippers. (Source: RM Williams)

Keen observers will note that the boot isn’t entirely unchanged from last year, sporting a Cuban heel with a little more pizzazz than the previous offering. According to the Urban List, these puppies will be available from the website on Thursday, so put that down in your calendar if you feel like dropping a very large sum of money and some very glam boots.