R.M. Williams’ Limited Edition Silver Boot Scootin’ Babies Are Driving Us Crazy

When R.M. Williams released its fancy-pants gold boots halfway through last year, you all went absolutely boonta for the special dust-kickers. Absolutely wild for the elastic-sides. Well, I’m very happy to announce that the dress-boot aficionados are back again, but this time with a stellar silver bootie.

[jwplayer YgKm9pzC]

It’s a slightly classier, dressier version than the golden boot from last year; the Metallic Millicent Boot has that classic, sleek Millicent shape, with a more pointed toe, a higher ankle, and uses the ‘D fit’ 2x narrow style. On the underside, the leather sole is a stunning blood red, and the boot features a zesty Cuban heel – so you can go from statement daytime shoe to glitzy night-time boot scooter with ease.

OOOF, a vibe. (Image: R.M. Williams)

I want these boots. I want them so bad. I can already picture them next to the three other pairs I’ve accumulated from my various thrifting adventures. Ugh, I love these boots SO much, I’d wear them to death if I had them. I’d sleep with them on, or make them their own little bed in my room with tiny silk sheets so they know how much I love them. I will kiss the boots goodnight every night, but not in front of my other boots who I assume would get very jealous and I don’t need that kind of tension in my home.

Seriously. (Image: R.M. Williams)

These bad boys are made-to-order so expect at least two weeks before they get to you, but that doesn’t jack up the price – the metallic Millicent boots still come in at the standard $545 price point.

It’s a bit of an investment, but just remember that if you treat these boots with all the love you’d show your partner/kids/pets, they’ll stick around for the rest of your life. Think of that solid cost-per-wear you’ll end up with when you chuck these stunners on every god damned day.

For the fellas (or those who want a fancy boot that is less of a statement) R.Ms have also released a range of G fit (regular) men’s size boots including these hi-shine Craftsmen beauties, made with bovine leather. They clock in at $545 as well, and it looks like they have a red leather sole too so hey, you can match.

Oh no, I love these TOO. (Image: R.M. Williams)

The stunning silver kicks are an online-only exclusive, so duck on over to the R.M. Williams site to nab yourself a pair.

It’s almost Christmas, you’re allowed to spoil yourself a bit. Treat yourself to the fancy booties.