May We Introduce You To ‘Glass Hair’, The Most Chic Mane Of Your Life

There’s always some new hair trend around, isn’t there? But it’s been years since we’ve seen a look for all those fancy events you have on the horizon that looks more high maintenance than it actually is.

Welcome to ‘glass hair’. As modelled by the Kardashians (with wigs, but we’ll get to the bit where you can recreate this yourself).

Simply put, glass hair is the shiniest, sleekest hair in existence. It’s all about locking down flyaways and frizz, then adding shine to the point where hair is practically reflective. Like glass, get it?

You’ll mainly see this look in bob-form, but really any hair length can play the glass hair game. It’s just bobs are extremely trendy amongst the celeb set at the moment.

We asked Cloud Nine and evo Creative Director Lauren McCowan for her top tips on nailing the sleek look at home.


Glass hair is poker-straight, and to get the look to last through a night you’ll need to do some hair prep. Most importantly, you want to take care to straighten smaller sections, so you don’t have any random wavy bits that pop through at the end.

The key is to ensure hair is really straight and sleek, so I would prep hair with evo’s icon welder hot tool shaper to protect hair from excess damage when heat styling. Then, divide hair into sections and use a straightening iron on small parts at a time, taking about five seconds to glide the straightener down the hair from root to tip.

This style does work best on those with straight hair, but curly-haired folks can also achieve it with a bit more prep.

In terms of hair thickness, it absolutely works for both thick and fine hair types as it is a very flattering style. If you have curly hair and want to try this trend, I would recommend using both straightening balm and then blowdry freshly washed hair to get it really smooth and straight. The straighter you can get your hair, the easier it will be to finish off with your straightener (I recommend the Cloud Nine Original Iron) for that sleek, silky finish.


Once you’ve gotten hair as straight as possible, you’ll need to add shine product to get the mirror-effect.

Once all hair is straightened, finish with shine drops to add incredible shine. Shine drops seal the cuticles for a polished, neat look, and will definitely help you achieve that glossy finish that is important for the Glass Hair style.

If your ends are particularly fuzzy or you’ve got some mean split ends, you might need something stronger.

If you need a bit of extra TLC on your ends, I’d recommend evo’s headmistress cuticle sealer to add hydration and also seal cuticles to reduce the appearance of split ends.


If you want Kim K’s now-signature edgy bob, here’s what to ask your hairdresser when you next visit.

I would recommend bringing some photos along of what look you are going for as this will give your hairdresser a visual to work with. Have a look at celebrities who have tried the style and bring those pictures with you, particularly those with a similar face shape to you so you can get an idea of what the cut will look like on you. Glass Hair needs a blunt cut for full impact, so talk to your hairdresser about getting a really clean, neat cut with no layers.

With the right prep and styling, you should get your style to last all day – but if you’re nervous, pack a travel-sized shine serum for touch ups.

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