Purple Wiggle Jeff Gave Himself A Bowl Cut After Topping The Hottest 100 & It’s Funny Funny

Purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt has celebrated the band’s Hottest 100 win in true icon style: by giving himself a bowl cut. Look, I’m calling it now. The bowl cut is to 2022 what the mullet was to 2020.

Embracing it, loving it, thinking about copying it myself.

Jeff shared his new hair with a post on The Wiggles’ Twitter and Insta accounts (where else).

Apparently, he’d promised to get a haircut if they won the Hottest 100.

What is it with committing to making some form of bodily modification after winning the Hottest 100? The Glass Animals recently got themselves tattoos in honour of their win with ‘Heat Waves’ last year.

To be fair, at least a bowl cut is slightly less permanent.

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Maybe the next artist-slash-band to win the Hottest 100 can celebrate with nipple piercings or something.

Responses to Jeff’s haircut were unsurprisingly positive because LBR, he is absolutely rocking it.

“Think ‘Wake Up Jeff’ has to be changed to Hair Cut Jeff…everybody’s trimming,” wrote one Twitter user and honestly put that on The Wiggles remix album.

Kelly Hamilton, the group’s new Yellow Wiggle, commented her praise on Insta.

“The fruit salad bowl cut! EPIC!!” she said.

I’m prepping my Pinterest now because all the Gen Zs are going to have the fruit salad bowl cuts by May at the latest.

Other commentators said the look gave him a Beatles vibe, though I think we should all open our hearts and acknowledge that The Wiggles are far superior to The Beatles.

If I’m picking between Eleanor Rigby and Dorothy the Dinosaur, you know I’m going with my girl D.

And if you couldn’t get enough of the band’s winning ‘Elephant’ cover, they’ve now taken a stab at another certified Australian banger.

On Friday, The Wiggles released a cover of Lime Cordiale and Idris Elba’s ‘Apple Crumble’ which came in at #14 on the Hottest 100 charts.

It absolutely slaps and I’d be lying if I told you that I hadn’t already listened to it sixteen times.

Winner of the Hottest 100 for 2022? You heard it here first, Australia.