You know that thing with the super sleek, dead straight bob the Kardashians froth on like they invented the look and not Victoria Beckham circa Spice Girls? A whole bunch of other social influencer types have plastered the Glass Bob look all over their Instagram accounts too. This one:

It looks cool af, but how the hell do you keep your hair that shiny?

Do famous people never come across even the faintest of breezes? Is there no humidity in the world of an influencer? Have they never been running late and therefore just had to make the messy look work like it was an actual choice they made?

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Needing the answers to these obviously very important questions I, laziest of all people when it comes to my hair, popped into Toni & Guy so they could work their magic and make me look all fancy. Then I tried my darndest to keep it that way.

Some fun facts about this look. Most of the people you see all over Instagram with these flawless manes are wearing wigs. This is mostly because people with thick hair are going to find the maintenance of this style taking over their lives, according to my lovely hairdresser Elizabeth.

It’s a very blunt square cut, like a classic box bob shape. If you did have very thick hair naturally like Kim Kardashian…unless heavily straightened their hair type would naturally tend to go slightly more triangular, so a lot of it would be done with wig work.

The style isn’t layered at all. If you have a frizzy or thicker hair type you need to be able to commit to the styling every time you wash it to get that shape, with the ironed look.

Which means, unlike basically every other hairstyle ever, this is one trend where it actually helps to have hair on the finer end of the spectrum and YOU GUYS! This is literally the first time that my stupid thin hair has been an advantage! My sister and brother both got luscious mermaid hair and I’m stuck in the middle with nary a strand to spare.

It’s. My. Time. To. Shine.

Of course, finer hair like mine does mean that you’d still need a few hair extensions chucked in to get that super blunt edge at the front, but overall it’s much easier to achieve this look with medium to fine hair.

Now to the transformation.

For the record, this is how I left work/walked into the studio. In my defence I’d just walked half an hour in some pretty decent wind, so be kind. I apologise in advance for all the awkward selfies you will have to deal with, but it’s a hair story I couldn’t avoid it!

In terms of length, we discussed my absolute lack of jawline and not wanting to draw too much attention to it, which is achieved by keeping the length of your hair a decent way passed the chin. Apparently it’s the same method for very strong jawlines, just fyi.

The method for styling hair like mine (thin guys, it’s thin) in a glass bob is all about the blow drying. Elizabeth chucked in some volume spray to weigh down the ends and a little blow out spray, then got to drying.

Fun tip, blow dry the front part of your medium / thin hair forward and side to side. It helps get rid of any cowlicks and gives it a little oomph before it settles into the sleekness anyway.

You can lock in the look with a straightener, but Elizabeth reckons thin hair only needs 180-degree temperature settings to set. Finish with a little ‘flexible’ hairspray smoothed over the top to keep those fly-aways flat.

The good thing is you can wear finer hair textures with a natural wave and it won’t look so angular, but will still easily be styled sleek and pin straight to look much stronger and squarer in the front when you want a stronger look.

Again, if you have thicker hair, you’rejust really going to have to be ironing the crap out of it. Sorry, but also I’m REALLY not because you guys get EVERYTHING. No, you’re bitter.

Aaaanyway, here’s me after:

The left is all my natural hair, the right is with a couple of hair extensions shoved into the front to give that really sharp edge. If you’re wondering why I was looking so smug it’s because I finally understood what it felt like to have a lot of hair and it was NICE. Then it all got taken back out. Such is life.

It’s also worth noting that a lot of people rocking this hairstyle are choosing to go with a darker hair colour, which bluntens the look up.

When you take hair darker it usually reduces volume, and when you take hair lighter it’ll add volume. So for that really narrow, thin shape in the end the darkeness lends a hand. It makes it look much more polished, and makes the mass of the hair look smaller so you can get that real definied edge.

For the most part, I’ve actually found it not TOO crazy to manage. I gave up on the hair products and blowing it out every day pretty much straight away and just moved to a straightener because I love sleeping in. Sorry about it. But I feel like that still gets the look. If I want to be really sleek I still do the hairspray over the top.

The elements though, they will Mess. You. Up. Always carry a straightner and hairspray and NEVER get caught in the rain, romantic songs be damned.

Interesting side effect though, you will absolutely have to start spending more time on your eye makeup. It is 100% necessary and out of your control when sporting a sleek Sporty Spice/ Kardashian hairdo.

As you can see above I’m rocking mascara and concealer for my eye bags but that was it, again because I choose sleep, but now! Now look at me:

Hello brows that I’ve literally never touched before beyond the occasional wax. Hello nude smokey eye (sort of). And a big hello to the basic mirror selfie. Not pictured here is that Aussie designer dress that Kylie Jenner was wearing and I purchased after reading about it. Who does she think she is?

It’s the HAIR!

Image: Instagram / @kyliejenner