If you’ve always had a feeling that you’d be shit hot as a makeup artist (cause let’s be real who hasn’t) then you’re gonna be rapt with what we’ve gotta tell ya. Cult online beauty haus Glamraider are offering a heaving 20% off sale site wide.

The site is turning the big five years old which is obviously cause to celebrate, and who are we to stop them? If you’ve wanted to get a little wild with your makeup lewks and rock some rainbow eyelids, this is your time to lean in. So basically, I’m going to be living out my Euphoria makeup dreams until further notice.

Glamraider are home to 100 brands and over 3,300 products like Freck (the OG faux freckle tool) P.Louise (the ‘world’s best eyeshadow base) and OFRA Cosmetics (renowned for their blinding highlighters). Despite offering the best in the biz when it comes to makeup, the makeup giant stocks even more goodies in the skincare and haircare realm.

You know that nifty tool you’ve probably seen all over social media called Slick Stick? It’s like a clear mascara for your pesky baby hairs that keeps em’ nicely slicked and in place? Yep they’ve got that too. They also stock the likes of Weleda, Ethique, Alya Skin, Antipodes – the list goes on.

In the site’s five years of existence, a sale this wild is unprecedented, it quite literally never happens. Deals will be changing daily throughout the week so you’re encouraged to sign up to their mailing list to stay in the know.

You can shop Glamraider’s whopper of a sale here.

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