There’s Now A Way To Stop Yr Foundation From Rubbing Off Onto Yr Crisp White Shirt & Praise Be

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If I had a fkn dollar for every time my makeup (namely, my foundation) unwillingly transferred to the collar of my shirt, only for it to be stained beige, I’d probably be somewhere in the Maldives right now, enjoying poolside cocktail after cocktail with my riches. You can tack a house deposit on top of that if you wanna count the times I’ve tried to put a turtle neck on over my makeup, only for half of it to end up on the neckline.

If you know all too closely what TF I’m on about, then chances are, you’ll find this juicy lil’ nugget of information useful because I think I just found out how to make sure the foundation doesn’t stain clothes. Cue: the LeurSoie makeup veil.

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The Veil Champagne, $65

Basically, the idea behind it is simple — all you have to do is finish your makeup, then pop the veil over your head and tighten the drawstrings lightly to keep it in place. When you go to put your shirt on after, you can then slide it right over your head without it coming into contact with any of your blush or foundation, protecting your finished look and your prized shirt simultaneously. It’s also less likely to ruffle your hair up or ruin the hairstyle you’ve dedicated a whole halfa to.

If you’re worried about feeling claustrophobic while wearing the veil (which was my first thought when I laid eyes upon it) — you’ll be happy to know it’s made from 100% silk chiffon, so it’s highly breathable and light. You can also see out of it, so it won’t feel like you’ve just been kidnapped and shoved into the back of a van, horror-movie-style.

Now, I know, I know — there’s probably a bunch of you out there thinking, “why the fuck would I wear that when I can just put my shirt on before doing my makeup?” Well, yes, yes you can. But, this veil accounts for the times I find myself deciding I want to change the final look last minute, or wanting to test another three shirts with my makeup on just to see which suits it best.

A friend recently said it’d be so helpful when you get your makeup done professionally, too. Often that happens hours beforehand, so if you’re dressing into something with a high neckline or something that can’t go bottom up, it’s a godsend prod. You also don’t want to spend hours removing makeup from any rented clothes, gals.

Retailing for $65 a pop, we promise this baby is worth investing in (god knows it’ll probably save you investing in that new white shirt 10 times over anyway).

You can get your thirsty mitts on one of these makeup clothes protectors, head here. If you’re a hair first girly, LeurSoie also has a bunch of hair bands on offer, so you can keep your face clear while doing the rest of your routine.

If you’ve already got a bunch of stains that you need removed before you start fresh with LeurSoie, here’s how you can clean foundation and other makeups from clothes, too.