Even if you’re anally retentive when it comes to removing your makeup before bed (after you’ve galumphed up the stairs at 4am, woken up all your housemates, and had a spew in the toilet), it’s still an annoying process. Using cleanser is messy, face wipes are kinda terrible for the environment/super expensive long-term, and not clearing your skin of foundation and sweat before you sleep is revolting and oh my god, go sit in a corner and think about your life choices if the latter is you.

So we at PEDESTRIAN.TV are always keen for someone making life insanely easier in the face-cleansing dept. Enter Face Halo.

Co-founders Bec Williamson and Lizzy Pike are the Aussies behind the recently launched remover – a little round sponge thing that uses microfibre technology to cleanse your face with literally nothing but some water.

Yep, these babies will remove all makeup using just simple H2O. It’s not a new concept – there are a few other brands on the market making similar products – but it’s nice to see an Aussie biz killing it, and look. These look nice in an Instagram photo, ok?

They’ve nabbed Aussie uber-blogger Chloe Morello as the face of the brand – no mean feat considering Chlo doesn’t just align herself with anything. She apparently used the little round makeup remover skeptically, but was a complete convert in 60 seconds.

“As a beauty vlogger and makeup lover, effective makeup removal is quite high on my priority list,” Chloe said of the product. “We’re all so time poor so I am all about simplifying my makeup removal and skincare regimen. I couldn’t be more excited to be working on a brand and product that works hard for every woman.”

Face Halo also has the environmental loving benefit of being reusable and machine-washable, so you’re not clogging up landfill with your makeup wipes and empty makeup remover bottles. Nice one.

A 3 pack of the lil’ bebs will cost you $27 bucks, and you can hit up the site to order ’em here.