Here’s Every Single Thing From Gigi Hadid’s Almost-Here Makeup Collection

Remember how we said Gigi Hadid is making a beauty line with Maybelline New York? Well now the brand has dropped exactly what the supermodel’s gone and made for ’em – and let’s just say I’m tempted to tell you all it’s shit so you don’t go to the shops and buy it before I can.

Basically, Gigi’s collection is separated into three “looks”. There’s West Coast Glow line, which was apparently inspired by Cali sunsets and features plenty of glow-creating stuff like a tinted primer and liquid strobing cream.

Here’s Gigi in the ‘Austyn‘ lippie which I now must buy five of.

Then there’s the East Coast Glam range, which is more subdued and nude-based – very NYC, no?

This range is very much the day-to-day Gigi vibe IMO.

Finally, there’s the Jetsetter palette, which is a nod to how much the supermodel travels. It’s everything you need to throw in your carry-on so you can do your makeup like a pro.

It’s all looking vvvvv lush and wearable, so I have zero doubt it’ll be whipped off shelves faster than you can say “I want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model”.

The range drops in Aussie stores this December, but if you want more specific dates hit up the Maybelline New York website and sign up for the official launch countdown now.