Fans and gamers all over Australia have been reacting with howls of disappointment, following the news that the ABC would be “accidentally” kicking out the power cord on the hugely beloved and enduring ‘Good Game,’ bringing to an end an almost unprecedented 10-year run on Aunty.

The show cited the departure of two “key presenters” in today’s decision to cancel ‘Good Game,’ as well as its associated offshoots ‘Good Game: Pocket,’ and ‘Good Game: Well Played.’ Though the children-focused ‘Good Game: Spawn Point‘ will remain in production and will remain a staple of ABC ME.

But as older gamers come to terms with the loss of the show, which provided a huge prominent outlet not only for Australian gaming but the international industry as well, many are turning to the tried-and-trusted method of putting out *thing* as a mark of respect.

Across Twitter, huge amounts of the GG community are putting out their controllers, with the hashtag #PutOutYourControllers churning along a constant clip all afternoon.

Even Hex has been getting on board, in a nod to just how passionate and dedicated the show’s fanbase is/was.

?? #controllersoutforgoodgame #putoutyourcontrollers

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Meanwhile, fellow show-host Bajo has posted a lengthy statement on the show’s demise, primarily thanking the fans for letting him essentially make fun, silly television about video games for the past decade.

“Your passion for games and the show has always astounded me, baffled me, and ensured I never took this gig for granted. I’ve read every comment, every tweet, every message you’ve ever sent to me for the last 10 years, even the really weird ones. They’re my favourite. Chatting and playing games with you online, tweeting and arguing on forums with you… meeting you at our live shows and conventions… I have had an unfair amount of fun because of you all. Thank you. Really, thank you. Really.”

You can read Bajo’s farewell statement in full over at his website.

So long, Good Game. And thanks for everything.

Source: Twitter.

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