Picture it: Sydney. 2021. Pissing down rain with a lovely side of 99% humidity. Anyone with any HINT of curl or wave to their hair knows that in these conditions, you just frizz the fk out. Why did I just spend 20 minutes carefully GHD-ing my hair when I walk outside and it all goes to shit? Honestly, I’m moving to Tasmania where there is no humidity and I’m sure everyone has lovely, thick, straight locks. But in the meantime, I need all the frizzy hair hack help I can get. Enter my workmate Emma, who constantly has a chic, smooth head that I’m v. jealous of.

This morning I was walking to the toilet feeling ashamed of my manky ‘do and she was exiting said bathroom looking as well-groomed as ever. I grabbed my head and said “Arghh don’t look at me, I’m frizz central from the rain!” to which she responded with 14 simple (pretty obvious really) words that changed everything. “My trick is: spray hairspray on your hands then smooth them over your head!”

There’s hairspray in the bathroom so I practically bolted in, tried it out and it worked. It bloody worked. All the flyaways were smoothed yet I did not have the crunchy helmet like effect of a traditional hairspray application. This is the simple, cheap frizzy hair hack I never knew I needed.

I immediately ran out and told the members of my team, some of who a) had never heard of this idea and b) had only done it while they did dancing as a kid. Remember those glued-to-your-head hairdos of jazz ballet days? Hairspray hands, people! Maybe because I am unco and never did dancing is the reason that the whole frizzy hair hack was news to me.

I told my boss as well, who added a second level of hackery to the hack: instead of straight hairspray, she wets her hands first and then sprays hairspray on. Dilutes the hairspray to alleviate any level of crunch, yet it still does its de-frizzing job.

I swear, I never knew you could learn so much on a Friday. I have gone to the bathroom several times since, and done a touch-up every time. I’m looking sleek, people!


You might have already know this frizzy hair hack and are eye rolling heavily at this entire article, but if anyone didn’t know this trick, you and your fab locks are bloody welcome. Especially considering it’s going to piss down for at least the next week.