Feast Your Eyes On The Newest Unholy Frankenfood: The Spaghetti Doughnut

The NYC borough of Brooklyn is Patient Zero for many of the world’s most recent unholy food (rainbow food, the cronut, the ramen burger, etc).

And now, it’s cooked up another one: the godforsaken spaghetti doughnut.

The invention of Pop Pasta, the spaghetti doughnut is an American take on spaghetti pie, a traditional Neapolitan dish that combines past leftovers with eggs and cheese and then fries it up.

This version, however, is baked – and, of course, moulded in the shape of a doughnut, which makes a lot of sense if you think about it because it makes this pasta portable. Game-freaking-changer.

Pop Pasta is popping up at the Smorgasburg Williamsburg food festival this weekend, which is obviously not in Australia and unfortunately unavailable to every single one of us, unless you happen to be reading PEDESTRIAN.TV from NYC. (Hi!)

But if you want to delve further into this world of portable pasta, there are five flavours on offer.

The classic is the Aglio e Olio Pop (spaghetti with Parmigiano, eggs, olice oil, garlic and spices), while the rest add on different ingredients: there’s the Red Sauce Pop (with tomato puree), the Zucchini Pop (with – you guessed it – zucchini), the Carbonara Pop (with bacon) and the Bolognese Pop (with tomato puree and ground beef). More flavours are coming soon.

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I swear to god, someone in Sydney (and I suppose other places, too) better recreate a version for us quick, because I demand to try one – even if not everybody is impressed.

Photo: Pasta Pop / Instagram.