Fake iOS7 Ad Claims It Will Make Your iPhone Waterproof. It Won’t.

Kudos, internet, for proving once again that some people are still dumb as hell.

Remember a few months back when a rumour circulated online that you could charge your iPhone by throwing it in the microwave for a few seconds like it was last night’s noodles, which led to lose-your-faith-in-humanity numbers of people actually trying to do it and frying their iThings?

A very authentic-looking but totally fake ad for Apple’s new iOS7 operating system circulated yesterday, claiming that the update could make iDevices waterproof, because it could “instantly detect sudden changes in thermo-distribution with the touch sensitive screen ad home button” and “in an emergency… shut off the phone’s power supply and corresponding components to prevent any damage to  your iPhone’s delicate circuitry”.

And once again, people fell for it.

The problem with smart phones is that sometimes they’re smarter than the people who own them.

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