Instagram Announces Update For iOS7

Good news for those of you intending to gouge out your own eyeballs because the design of your favourite photo-sharing app doesn’t quite match up with your updated mobile operating system, as Instagram announced today a version 4.2 update for Apple’s iOS7, available now on the App Store.

Your latte, your dog, your legs at the beach and, of course, pictures you take of your own face will be bigger and better than ever – the new Instagram has “increased the size of photos and videos in your feed so that they expand to the edges of your screen. We’re also happy to say that increased size means increased resolution, so photos and videos will be clearer and more vibrant than ever.”

Furthermore, “In grid view, we streamlined things so that your content will also appear larger. We led our redesign with a focus on clarity to keep the feel of Instagram clean, simple and grounded in the photos and videos you discover and share.”

Finally, “in keeping with iOS 7’s conventions” and “so Instagram feels at home on your phone,” profile pictures are now CIRCULAR. Stop the presses.